JKA National Camp 2016
Delray Beach Florida!

July 28-31, 2016


Brown or Black Belt? Take the Judges' Seminar!


Master Instructor

On behalf of JKA/WF America and its member dojos, we are pleased to announce Master Masaaki Ueki, 9th Dan, Chief Instructor JKA, will be the guest instructor for the 2016 JKA/WF America National Gasshuku and Tournament. The event will take place this July 28-31, 2016, in the beachside community of Delray Beach, Florida.


The theme of this year’s event is Unity “Kessoku” (結束) which represents the gathering of all JKA members to train together in unity in the spirit of Master Funakoshi and Master Nakayama.

Your Hosts

Our host dojo this year is the JKA/WF America’s South Atlantic Region (“SAKA”), and the Shotokan Karate Center, the dojo of the late JKA/WF America co-founder Master Shigeru Takashina, 9th Dan JKA.